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Date: August 18, 2023

Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Fallon Murray Middle School

                 3601 Kohnen Way, Dublin, CA 94568


Textbook Pick-Up



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Students are introduced to strokes and basic characters. They will expand their vocabulary by practicing reading short passages and writing basic sentences.


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Students focus on expanding vocabulary by learning how to construct more complex phrases and sentences. Their existing knowledge of characters and radicals are further developed.


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Students are introduced to pinyin and how to type Chinese characters. They develop their reading and writing skills by reading more complex passages and writing longer sentences. Students also begin to learn how to use a Chinese dictionary.

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Students focus on developing their reading comprehension skills. In this class, extra reading materials are given for practice to enhance vocabulary and sentence formulation skills. Dictionary and typing skills will be mastered.


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Students focus on writing skills with weekly writing prompts. They start reading entire passages without pinyin assistance and further expand their vocabulary.


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Students are given more extensive reading to enhance their reading comprehension capacity. This class focuses on colloquial communication techniques. There will be discussion and debate sections in class to practice pronunciation and speaking skills.


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Students further develop their speaking, reading, and writing skills. Passages become more advanced and homework will focus on reading comprehension and essay writing.


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Students learn about Chinese cultures and traditions in a more detailed manner. Students further develop their essay-writing and public speaking skills.


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Students are able to read advanced passages and answer complex reading comprehension questions. Students are knowledgeable in how to write essays by hand and computer.


Preparatory course for the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam. Students will have an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture with ample practice in speaking about speech topics given by  CollegeBoard.

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