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2023-24 School Year Schedule:

Welcome to Shamrock Chinese School!

     Our mission is to teach students to explore their Chinese heritage through classroom instructions, cultural programs, and special events. We will rely on experienced teachers, cooperative parents, and engaged students.​Shamrock Chinese School has a well-qualified, organized, and enthusiastic staff. In classes, we use simplified characters as the basis for language instruction. 


     我们学校的学习目的是通过经验丰富的老师在课堂上带领学生学习,再通过一些特别文化活动项目来指引学生探索有关中国传统文化知识。​三叶草中文学校是拥有一支团结有爱,认真负责,有责任心的教师队伍。学生的学龄从 5 岁开始。在课堂上,三叶草中文学校主要使用简体字作为语言教学的基础。

Our Location

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all classes are held remotely over Zoom

Contact Information

Phone (408) 876-0597 for English

            (408) 887-3086 for Mandarin


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